Minor Laceration Trays

Packed 20 trays/carton

Catalog No. Description Preview

One tray
One 5" floor-grade, Baumgartner (serrated jaw) needle holder
One 4-1/2" sharp/sharp scissors
One 5" metal tissue forceps
Two absorbent towels
Five 4" x 4" gauze sponges
One polylined sterile field
One polylined fenestrated drape

Compares to our competitors' products:
Cardinal "Allegiance" 25004-010 (20/cs)
Cypress 84-51 (20/s)
Medical Action 61203 (20/cs) 


Contains all the components of Catalog No. 751, excluding the metal instruments.

Compares to our competitor's product:
Cypress 84-50 (20/cs)