Posi-Grip Umbilical Cord Clamps

The single-use clamp is designed to seal the umbilical cord, preventing loss of blood as the cord dries beneath it. It can be easily placed with one hand, even if gloved and slippery. The interlocking teeth hold the cord securely and keep it stationary. Once the protected closure is in place and closed, it cannot open accidentally. Works with any style cord cutter. 

Catalog No. Description Preview

Sterile, individual packets
Packed 2 boxes of 64 each; 128/carton

Compares to our competitors' products:
DeRoyal 6833-B? (1000/cs) - (sb 6833, sterile, 100/cs?)
Hollister 9423 (125/cs) 
Medline DYNJ04229 (100/cs)
Precision Dynamics 3505-00-PDO (125/cs) 


Bulk packed 250/carton

Compares to our competitors' products:
DeRoyal 6833NS (1000/cs)
Hollister 9411 (250/cs)
Preciscion Dynamics 3515-00-PDJ (250/cs)