Obstetrical Kits

Packed 10 kits/carton

A complete disposable obstetrical kit available in cardboard box or soft pouch packaging. Contains all necessary equipment for emergency delivery situations.

One pair sterile exam gloves
One disposable plastic apron
One 17" x 24" underpad
One 23" x 36" receiving blanket
One 48" x 36" drape sheet
Four absorbent towels
Two O.B. towelettes
Four sterile 4" x 3" cover sponges
One sterile #10 scalpel
One sterile O.B. pad
One sterile 2 oz. bulb syringe
Two alcohol prep pads
Two sterile Posi-Grip™ umbilical cord clamps
One clear polybag with tie
One white polybag with tie

Catalog No. Description Preview

Packed in a soft pouch

Compares to our competitor's product:
Dynarex 4902 (10/cs)


Packed in cardboard box

Compares to our competitor's product:
Dynarex 4901 (10/cs)